What is a Pipedrive CRM system?

What is a Pipedrive CRM system?!   Pipedrive CRM – this relative new CRM–system, was founded in 2010 and headquarters in Estonia. According to data Pipedrive, over 85 000 users of the world use this CRM–system. Many users are supporters … Read More


What is a Insightly CRM system?

Benefits of Insightly CRM  Insightly is a state-of-the-art innovative CRM system that allows you to build business relationships. Insightly CRM helps you attract, and store data without restriction on your cloud.   This CRM – its modern solution for you! … Read More

What is a SugarCRM system?

What is a SugarCRM system? This CRM system is a worldwide contact management solution. SugarСRM is used in many channels of the interaction of sales services, phone calls, e-mail, events, meetings, registration forms on websites, advertising links, chats, social networks. … Read More

CamScanner – dangerous to your business

A few days ago, the Kaspersky Lab broke the news that CardScan – Phone PDF Creator and Scanner to scan PDFs has been infected with a malicious virus.   It is a virus called Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.Necro.n, which downloads additional items from … Read More

Call Tracker for Hubspot CRM

When making a call from Hubspot CRM, what’s the best way to take notes during a call?

When making a call from Hubspot CRM, what’s the best way to take notes during a call?     The best way to make notes after calls it is Call Tracker for Hubspot.  This mobile application designed to track data … Read More

8 Top Digital Business Card Apps 2020

The evolution of business cards is progressing daily. Not eco-friendly and non-practical paper business cards are a thing of the past. The future is digital and electronic business cards. Even creating paper business cards becomes unnecessary in the era of … Read More

3 most common myths about the CRM systems

Myths about the CRMs systems. CRMs system is a business strategy aimed at studying and understanding the needs of existing and potential customers. Now, it’s time to deal with myths and legends about CRMs system and its place in business. … Read More

9 facts about CRM systems

CRM system is one of the most effective tools that you can use in your company, also it can help in the development and strengthening the customer base. Businessman,  who have implemented CRM successfully, know how valuable and useful it … Read More

What are the best 4 types of investments in 2020?

What are the best 4 types of investments in 2020? If you ask this question yourself, you are on the right article. As you know, business is an independent risk, aimed at making a profit through the provision of services, … Read More

9 Reasons Why You Need a Business Card

Most business cards are a small piece of paper on which are written the name and phone number. This type of business card is good if you go on a date, but not suitable to present your business. If you make … Read More