Why CRM Does not Work At Full Strength

Four Reasons Why Your CRM Does not Work At Full Strength

One of the most effective ways to waste money while automating a small business is to buy a good CRM system, but do not work with the full range of its capabilities. Using a CRM-system in a limited format reduces … Read More

CRM System

Importance of CRM System

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the software application for organizations, designed for automation customer interaction strategies, improve sales, optimize marketing and improve customer service by storing information about customers. Don’t know which CRM to choose? Take a quick look at … Read More

Small and Large Businesses

CRM Systems for Small and Large Businesses

Unconcerned to what you could hear – size doesn’t matter, but when a conversation goes about CRM software implementing – that does. Though how many employees work in the company, an online CRM system always helps to compile processes, spare … Read More

How to make your Business Card Reader staggering?

       What do you get after a business event? You get a pocket full of business cards but never have a chance to enter them into your CRM manually. Sometime later, you need to get back to one … Read More

CRM system in business


Here is the introduction to what CRM system does and how you can use it in your business. Your usage will depend on your business’s needs; many CRM packages are very powerful and have lots of opportunities. Do you know what … Read More

Businessman looking at the city

From a robbery to business prosperity: the story of my success

Do you think that robbery is a good idea to start a business? In some cases it definitely is! My success story is the one that proves it.   My story began half a year ago. I was attending Customer … Read More

CRM tips for users that really work

Top 6 CRM tips for users that really work!

There are a lot of CRM users that are not completely satisfied with the results they get. So, what is the problem? Why it happens? The answer is simpler than you may think. The CRM system is not properly used. … Read More

How to make your sales recipe work

How to make your sales recipe work

Mostly all of us have tried to cook with the help of cookbooks, Youtube videos or specialized websites. We tried to follow the recipe strictly to mix ingredients all together and to get the result that we see on the … Read More

CRM-related apps download

CRM-related apps that will change your business!

As you may have already noticed MagneticOne Mobile develops CRM-related business application so let us take you on a brief tour and tell more about them!   Business Card Reader is an application that was developed for businesspeople whose work … Read More

Business Conference

5 ways to make business exhibitions work for you

A cool businessman is a busy businessman. Are you cool? Modern business world is full of unexpected situations which you always have to be ready for. Every day each of you have an opportunity to visit meetings, exhibitions, conferences and … Read More