CORPORATE LICENSING for Business Card Reader

Do you enjoy Business Card Reader?

Do you want to use the app for the whole company?

Corporate Licensing is what you need!

Choose a suitable plan for your company and get rid of the mess with business cards.

What is Corporate Licensing?


Business Card Reader Corporate Licensing is the solution that your company needs! It is designed to provide

any corporate or commercial entity a simple purchasing process, sufficient quantity of business card

recognitions and affordable price. We offer a corporate key to be used by a team of people that considerably

simplifies authorization process.

What are the benefits of corporate licensing?

Single license key for the entire team

Affordable price

Possibility to use corporate key for multiple accounts

The gift of productivity for your company!

How can I order a corporate license for my team?

It is easier than it looks!

You can do it in one of two ways:

*Best if you want to buy via Google Play and when you need up to 8000 recognitions

*Best if you need an invoice or want the custom plan by request

Choose the amout of credits
Get a Corporate Key

Business Card Reader Corporate Plans (per year)

recognitions Price


*plus taxes are collected in some countries



We are here to help! Feel free to send us any questions or suggestions you have