Have you already know that you can send SMS from your smartphone to Pipedrive CRM?  Now you’re able to send SMS to your potential colleagues and clients to assign meetings or make some changes in your plans. Call Tracker for Pipedrive CRM will help you to do that. This feature is very helpful especially if you don’t have a possibility to talk. Then you could just write down a message.


The most important thing to make the application work is to have the Pipedrive CRM account. Having the existing account the first and foremost is to set up the application correctly. To do that a user has to open ‘Configuration’ and ‘Log in’. To connect to the CRM you just need to enter your Pipedrive CRM login, password and URL.


One more thing you can do is SMS tracking! To make it work, choose ‘SMS tracking’ in ‘Configuration’.


The application can send SMS from your phone to the Pipedrive CRM. You should go to “SMS logs”, then press on the contact. Then you need to press  “+” button in the right bottom corner. You will see a pop-up where you need to enter the text of the message in the field “Description”.


That’s it! The SMS is already sent! Having all the info chosen and created you just press ‘Create’. Done! You have saved all the information to your CRM account! Now you can use it in your business intentions!


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