How to scan business cards into Google Sheets?

It’ s hard to imagine the work of an internet marketer without spreadsheets. Previously, the main tool was Excel from MS Office, but now more and more specialists are switching to Google Sheets. And we understand why:


  • Google’s online service is free.
  • Conveniently implemented teamwork – no need to send files to each other a thousand times.
  • Changes are saving automatically.
  • There is a history of versions – if necessary, you can roll back to the moment from which everything went wrong.
  • You can set up automatic import of data from third-party sources – analytics services, advertising accounts, call tracking, etc.
  • Google Sheets is a very versatile and functional tool with tons of features and usage scenarios.


The evolution of business cards is progressing daily.
Not eco-friendly and non-practical paper business cards are a thing of the past. The future is digital and electronic business cards. Even creating paper business cards becomes unnecessary in the era of digitization.


Everyone knows that business cards should be a type of marketing communication. In today’s world, business cards are also a way to expand your customer base. With the introduction of CRM systems, the client base is divided into leads, contacts, and accounts for some CRM systems. In order to simplify the way of filling the base, people start using mobile applications for scanning business cards. 


The Business Card Reader for Google Sheets is ideally suited to generate contacts and to import them into your Google Sheets and the easiest and quickest way to save your business card information into Google Sheets. Moreover, this innovative solution allows you to find out more information about your potential client, partner, or colleague. So, just two taps and you instantly get the following:
  • personal info: name, job title, department, address, social network profiles, messengers, etc.
  • company info: name, size, industry, branch network, recent activity, etc.
Business Card Reader for Google Sheets is a Certified product by Google Sheets Connect Program.
Let’s take a look at the main features of the Business Card Reader for Google Sheets. First of all, it has a simple and intuitive interface. The application supports 25 recognition languages and has built-in integration wizard exclusively for Google Sheets. Don’t worry if you haven’t had a Business Card Reader for Google Sheets before. Now you have the ability to recognize business cards from card images saved earlier. 

The application automatically adds country phone code when a code is missing in the business card phone number. Enjoy the fast recognition process (improved recognition speed for Ultra HD business cards photos) and precise conversion of business card data (using the technology of intellectual OCR). Before saving, preview results, and make necessary changes, add text and voice notes for each business card. The app allows you to navigate to the contact address on the map.

Business Card Reader for Google Sheets instantly saves results by one touch into Google Sheets, phone contacts, or Gmail contacts (you can set everything up inside the application). It always keeps your contacts in one place and absolutely secure due to the encrypted recognition server connection that is using for maximum data security. The application doesn’t violate any laws or privacy rights.

Unique features of the Business Card Reader for Google Sheets :
  • Among the scanned info about your prospect, customer, business partner or potential colleague, you can get more extended person’s information fast as lightning from the database of such as Company name, Position, Job Title, Address, Social network profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter), messengers and much more (works best for the USA, Canada and Europe).
  • You can send a letter with your contact information to the saved contact;
  • Possibility to save the location of a business card recognition process.


Let’s check a brief guide for the Business Card Reader for Google Sheets that will give you the information on how to work with the application and make your work easier and much productive!

Step one.
Firstly, download Business Card Reader for Google Sheets;
Step two.
After you have installed the application on your phone you can see the basic steps of how the application works.


Step three.
Then you need to choose where to save the information: in your phone Contacts, Google Sheets or CRM. In our case, press Google Sheets.


Step four.
In the next window, you need to Sign In using your Google account to connect the application to your Google Sheets. 


Step five.
After that, you need to set up a connection to your spreadsheets. If you don’t have the Google sheet, you’ll need to create a new URL (click the “Create Google Sheet” button). If you want to paste an existing URL, you’ll need to do the following: open your Google Sheet, click the Share button; link any person, who has the link to edit; copy URL; paste the URL in the appropriate box in the application. After the process of “Setting up a connection to Google Sheets” you need to click “Connect”.
Step six.
On the main screen, you can choose to snap a picture of a business card, take one from the gallery, or scan the QR code. Before scanning, you can also choose the recognition language of business cards from 25 languages. Please note, maximum of three languages can be chosen.



Step seven.
The application recognizes the card’s data automatically. When the information recognized, you can check everything before saving from the business card image that you can see at the top of the screen. 



Please, note that to get the best recognition you need to put business cards in bright colors on dark background and cards in dark colors on white background. You can also get additional information with the Get More option. The information is taken from social networks, phone, and other available sources. There is a possibility to add a note or a voice note if needed. When you click Save, all the information is transferred directly to your Google Sheets.
Step eight.
Let’s take a closer look at the menu. Here you can:
  • check how much recognition credits do you have and purchase a suitable personal or corporate plan;


  • choose the recognition languages;
  • add your personal information which you can share with your clients or partners;


  • choose other options.


Step nine.
If you like, you can save a copy of the scanned info on your phone or email. In case you have trouble with the application or simply would like to share a using case with us, click on Support request and our support team will solve every issue. Please, check if log files are attached because they help us to solve your issues faster.



Step ten.
In Communication quality test you can check the Internet connection and the access to servers.    



So, if you want to simplify the way of filling the contact’s base, better start using mobile applications for scanning business cards as soon as possible. The Business Card Reader for Google Sheets is one of the most convenient and quickest ways to generate contacts and to import them into your Google Sheets. Keep up with the modern world and use the best innovative business solutions, such as Business Card Reader for Google Sheets from MagneticOne MobileWorks!



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