The most important asset of a business is its clients, so it is so crucial to monitor and analyze the relationship with them. But sometimes, even an experienced manager can’t understand what a client wants. Do you want to make a profit and develop improve efficiency? So, build a client-oriented business with all the processes. Solve these and many other tasks with the specialized software products – CRM systems.


What is a CRM system?


CRM systems provide an opportunity to trace the history of the relationship between the company and customers, analyze their wishes and this is a small part of what CRM system can do. This is done not only to attract users but also to keep them.


Why do you need a CRM system?


CRM-system helps to solve such problems as the management of marketing campaigns and signals about problems, allows you to segment target audiences on various grounds, plan and administer sales, attract and retain new customers


Types of CRM systems: 

Let’s analyze the characteristics of each type and find out about their advantages and disadvantages


According to the purpose of the system can be:

  • sales management;
  • for management of marketing;
  • for management of client service and call-centers;


By the level of information processing, Systems are divided into:

  • Operational – used to access information for a particular customer quickly during the sales or service process.
  • Analytical – are used to analyze various data that relate both to the customer and to the company’s activities
  • Collaborative – provide customers with the opportunity to influence the internal processes of the company as a whole.


By the degree of individuality of the solution:

  • Individual CRM – when creating systems of this kind, finished products are not used.
  • Adapted box solution – can be used almost by all companies. An example of such program may be Hubspot CRM;


Our developers have created an application that will facilitate your interaction with your CRM.  These systems assist you in creating a client base, compiling lists of required calls and sending messages, fixing incoming calls and much more. And with Call Tracker for Hubspot CRM, you will be able to record calls, track their duration, add your comments, create rules for tracking, add voice notes and send it to your Hubspot CRM.


To sum up, you need to determine the CRM system for your business, first of all, it’s necessary to identify the goals and tasks that you put in front of it. In any case, you need to pay attention to ease of use and visibility of provided information – you must see and easily analyze where and how your tasks are performed.

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