The Sugar CRM system that has already established itself in the market has many supporters. Large companies such as Coca-Cola and SpaceX use this CRM system.


Sugar CRM has its own add-on for iOS and Android. The application is truly impressive with its functionality. It has everything you need, almost. That’s what we don’t want to tell you.
Sugar CRM application.
  1. Business Card Reader for Sugar CRM is a convenient and fast business card scanner. You can customize custom fields in the application. It takes only two touches to scan a business card, scan and save.
  2. TapCRM for Suite and Sugar. Very handy application for small and medium business, planning, notes and more is in this application.
  3. Call Tracker for Sugar CRM – an application for storing calls to the CRM system. The application is easy to use and at a very low cost.
  4. SugarChimp is an application that helps with email newsletters and lead generation in SugarCRM.
Hopefully, this article was helpful for you. Want to know more? What is SugarCRM really? Read here.

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